The Respect Alex Jones Has Rightfully Earned

The Bilderberg Group Arrive In Watford

Alex Jones is a lot of things. He is a conspiracy theorist, a patriot, a radio show host, businessman, libertarian, Texan, but above all he is a “New World Order” whistle-blower. He has entertained some pretty colorful ideas and theories over the years, but one thing you can’t say about him is that he is boring. He has established himself and his website as a predominant force in the social media webisphere and harnessed social media tools like YouTube and twitter to build an online network for the civil liberties movement and those who have become disheartened by mainstream media’s lack of journalistic integrity and the entire system as a whole.  His Texas “in your face” defense of liberty and freedom is sometimes cheesy, yes; but also in a uniquely refreshing way very inspiring. e0b8d9284e2b0b983676e561a4ae9f53

I have become a fan. I’ll admit it. I like the way he takes on the establishment and laughs in the face of some of the titans of society that no mainstream corporate run media would ever dream of taking on. When you’re the underdog with a massive online following and a anti-establishment mandate, you can take on anything and that’s exactly what Alex Jones is all about and is just what this new internet age generation has been craving. Jeremy Scahill, who is a freelance journalist and respected within the alternative media sphere, recently when asked on c-spans Book TV what he thought about figures like Alex Jones and Amy Goodman of called Alex Jones a “lunatic” and an embarrassment to the alternative media movement.

“I think that Alex Jones is a lunatic, an absolute diehard insane lunatic” Scahill went on to say .  “I think to even mention him in the same sentence with Amy Goodman is an incredible insult to Amy Goodman”.

Scahill is perfectly entitled to his opinion, but a word of caution to him and the neo-establishment alternative media figures such as Scahill. What the internet gods givith they can very quickly taketh away. Alex Jones is defiantly not for everyone and his right leaning politics might turn off more liberal left leaning “truth movement” web seekers, but to be able to take on the onslaught of the machinery of the mainstream media and our institutional antiquated systems you have to be a little crazy. pict38

Alex Jones is a radio show host and entertainment figure who draws all stripes of truth-seeker’s. He has given the movement a permanent “base” online in which to gather around and share information and not feel judged by contemplating conspiracies or wacky ideas. His show entertains all sorts of different topics that revolve around current events, politics, power, and the globalist economic agenda. Do I agree with everything he casts as “truth”? No, but that’s how all these internet conspiracies can be vetted and ultimately truth falls through. He has made “false flag” a house hold name, something that until recently the United States government and mainstream media refused to even acknowledge existed.

Yes Alex Jones is loud and a little kooky. His politics might offend you or even disgust you but one thing Alex Jones can always be counted on is to deliver passion for your liberties and freedom. In this age of rapidly expanding technology and the police state ever encroaching on American society, figures like Alex Jones should be respected for their commitment of resistance and allowed at least a seat at the table. The Jeremy Sachills of the world should be cautious about bringing the snarky elitist attitudes that became common place in the mainstream press. If you are not careful Jeremy Scahill; you could find yourself one day sitting at the table by yourself.

Article by James Powers; Independent Blogger and contributor to and Globalelite.TV


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