The Most Hard-Hitting GMO Report Ever Aired By The Mainstream Media

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During what is possibly the most hard-hitting GMO report ever aired by mainstream media, Max Goldberg states: “No long-term studies have ever been done on humans, but when you look at the studies that have been done on animals, it’s pretty appalling. You’re talking about liver damage and kidney damage and when they fed it to hamsters, the third generation of hamsters weren’t able to produce babies, so there’s real safety issues.”

While to alternative news reporters and readers this might not be new information, it is rare that the mainstream media has covered the topic with such openness. The hard-hitting discussion between Carol Alt and Max Goldberg aired on FOX’s ‘A Healthy You’ program. Is this another positive step forward in raising awareness about the dangers of GMOs? Certainly.

Goldberg’s statements refer to a 2007 study published in the journal Archives of Environmental Contamination and Technology that revealed that…

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