[Video] William Blum: The U.S. and World Domination

Rise Up Times

William Blum, Peacestock 2013
from Bill Sorem

Mr. Blum is perhaps the foremost documentarian of U.S. foreign policy ‘mishaps’ in the world. Leaving the State Department in 1967 over his opposition to the Vietnam war, Blum commenced researching and writing a series of ongoing critiques of America’s interventions throughout the world since WWII.

In 1999, Mr. Blum was one of the recipients of Project Censored’s Exemplary Journalism awards. In 2006, sales of Blum’s book Rogue State skyrocketed following Osama Bin Laden’s recommendation that Americans read the book to understand why the U.S. is so hated in the Middle East. Currently, Blum publishes a monthly newsletter, “Anti-Empire Report,” providing current analyses of ongoing American misadventures overseas.

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