NSA FISA Metadata Program: Anonymous Reveals Supporters Of NSA Collection Got Twice The Money From Interest Groups


ANONYMOUS Points Out The Statists And Their Lobbying Money Pals



” Anonymous picked up the same angle, sharing on Twitter what it claims is the average contribution given by interest groups that opposed the Amash amendment. According to the Anonymous post on Pastebin, members of the House that voted “no” received an average of $41,635, about 122 percent more than those who voted “yes.”


Anonymous included a list of House Representatives who voted against the Amash amendment divided by state, along with contact information. Anonymous urged its followers to make phone calls, send emails and share the post via social media.

“These are the people that want to spy on you with your own money,” Anonymous wrote. The post also had links to a detailed breakdown of the political contributions of each House member who voted on the bill, as well as the hashtag “#CanYouTapUsNow.”…

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