Happy Birthday, big brother!

Its sad..I still believe in UFO’S..”It’s real to me damn it!”

Mountains of Happiness

One great thing here in New Zealand is that we’re always a bit ahead of time. Being already 29 May down here in Auckland I’m very lucky to be the hopefully first one to congratulate my big brother to his 34th Birthday. (Think I managed just in time before European midnight when probably his adorable girlfriend thinks she’s the lucky first congratulate.)

Let me tell you one of two things about my big brother Tom: He indeed is a very big brother – as in terms of very tall (almost two meters!) but also being the greatest big brother one can imagine. I was lucky to grow up with him by my side, him being four and a half years older and always the protective big brother I needed. Whenever I look at pictures from our childhood I often find him hugging me, holding my hand or in any other…

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