While Wall Street Walks, We The People Get Tased

The Cassandra Files

What are We The People supposed to do when our government refuses to pursue justice? Should we turn a blind eye when the United States Department of Justice essentially declares the big banks who wrecked our economy and forever destroyed the futures of millions of Americans “too big to jail”? What should be the public response when the only ones to be held accountable for bad financial decisions are the little people? How should we react when the weak-tea ‘fixes’ put in place by a corporately-owned Congress are systematically watered down to inconsequence?

Most of us would probably say that the least we could do is protest. It’s the only tool we have in our arsenal.  And so there have been protests. The entire Occupy movement was a protest against the banks themselves. But for all the awareness Occupy raised, it did not produce change. It did not bring justice. In fact, in…

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