This is Not what Resistance looks like – Google Glass as Technological Bribery


Is pre-emptive resistance to Google Glass going to prevent the device’s launch? Nope. Especially not if what passes for resistance are instances of a single bar banning the devices, legislators suggesting the device cannot be worn while driving, or even casinos banning the device.

Articles like David Streitfeld’s recent (May 6,2013) New York Times article “Google Glass Picks Up Early Signal: Keep Out” may present titles that suggest that some type of opposition is building, but as is clear in the article proper, Google is not being told “Keep Out” they are being told that they must, at least pretend, to address certain concerns before Glass enjoys a full public launch. The line:

“But the resistance is already under way.”

may be comforting to those with concerns about Glass, but as was noted in the first paragraph, what is passing for resistance is rather paltry (and meaning no…

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