The assault on the individual and the 4th amendment

On the Mark

Someone, it does not matter who it was, on a thread of conversation at a large political site said to someone else:

“You are rejecting Enlightenment, liberal values. For they are the mother’s milk of our “American 4th Amendment.”

The trouble is that so many people out there that even if they are anti-war and mostly pro “civil liberties” still don’t seem to have any idea what the Enlightenment was, nor what the liberalism that came with it was.

” … From the struggle of the Dutch against the absolutism of the Spanish Hapsburgs issued a polity that manifested basically liberal traits: the rule of law, including especially a firm adherence to property rights; de facto religious toleration; considerable freedom of expression; and a central government of severely limited powers. The astonishing success of the Dutch experiment exerted a “demonstration effect” on European social thought and, gradually, political practice…

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