The AP Phone Records Scandal Symptomatic of Larger Problem

The Activationist

Doesn’t it seem like every few days, we get closer to a real scandal? I’m being unfair and snarky of course, but this past week has been a fascinating study on the state of the media. Benghazi, the IRS Tea Party controversy and, finally, the news that the Department of Justice secretly obtained two months worth of Associated Press phone records, including home lines and cell phones.

With each news piece, I felt that the media was inching closer towards a real scandal. Sensationalizing as usual, but at least bringing some attention to symptoms of larger problems. Now with the AP story, the media seems to have finally found their story. And yet, the media backlash seems too little, too late.

While I’m happy to see the administration finally start to get some flak for their record on civil liberties, the media is late to the game. Those who…

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